Welcome to the first part of a mutlipart buildup that we did ourselves at home in a driveway with simple handtools. This month, we tackle a complete suspension overhaul, without having a shop do any of the work and without breaking the bank with air tools or a lift. Our 2010 Tahoe was a base-model LS with the factory 17-inch wheels and super-spongy suspension. To bring the big SUV down a few inches and add some serious handling capabilities, we ordered an Eibach Pro-Kit lowering spring setup that is designed to lower the front 2 inches and the rear 3 inches. Taking the Tahoe to the next level, we clicked “Buy now” for the Pro-Damper kit, which replaces our old, worn-out struts and shocks with new Eibach units specifically engineered to work with the Eibach lowering springs. Maxing out the Tahoe's road-hugging potential, we also ordered new Eibach front and rear antiroll sway bars. Larger in diameter and stiffer, the sway bars will help limit body roll during cornering.

We're sure at this point you have your reservations about doing a strut and spring replacement at home without the aid of a fancy wall-mounted spring compressor. In the past, you'd be right to think we cheated and had a shop help, however, this time we ordered a trick external coil spring compressor from Eastwood. Using three large 5/8-inch threaded bolts, the Eastwood coil spring compressor allows you to handle compressing the coil springs at home with a wrench and ratchet. It takes a little time, but it saves you money and a trip to your local mechanic's shop.

Capping off the Tahoe's newly installed suspension, we added a set of 24x10 Gianelle Yerevan wheels. These aren't your typical SUV-style wheels, as they gave the Tahoe a European look that suited the Chevy very nicely. To ensure we were getting the most out of the Eibach suspension, we mounted the Gianelle wheels inside Nitto's high-performance truck and SUV tire, the NT420S. Asymmetrical, the NT-420S can be easily rotated and has a 420-tread rating for long life. With the parts ready, we headed out to the driveway to get started on the install.

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