Last month we got started revamping the suspension under our re-imagined 1999 Ford F-150 Lightning truck, dubbed Project Stealth Fighter. In the article we addressed the needs of the front suspension and braking with products from Hotchkis, Belltech, QA1, and Baer. We also found that our newly lowered suspension was detrimental to the longevity of the Nitto tires since the inner wheelwell was making loads of contact with the tire under spirited driving situations. Choppin’ Block built wheeltubs for the frontend and remedied that issue, giving the front wheels and tires the needed travel. This month we delve into the rear suspension to see what lay beneath.

Since the Ford Lightning was built with a thicker frame material than a standard Ford F-150 truck, it responds extremely well to additional handling modifications. The two systems work hand in hand to prevent torsional twist across the chassis while the truck is being aggressively driven. To match our front suspension modifications, we mated 2-inch Hotchkis lowering leafs (3-inch on a standard Ford F-150) with a Hotchkis sway bar, sourced as part of the Hotchkis Total Vehicle System (TVS) line we showed you last issue. Belltech supplied a lowering front hanger to bring the truck closer to terra firma without affecting the action of the performance leaf springs. As before, adjustable QA1 Street Stocker shocks rounded out the performance package. If you’re ready to take your Ford F-150 or Ford Lightning to Mustang-level handling, read along and get ready to push your truck to the limits.

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