Mail on Time
John Aguilar of Houston, uses his '03 Chevy Silverado whenever his postal truck breaks down. Josh credits Truckin' with many of the ideas for his truck. The truck has a 3/4 drop and rides on 20-inch Billet Specialties wheels wrapped in Goodyear rubber. A K&N intake was also installed for more power.

S-10 Sensation
Mark Krokos of Plain, Pennsylvania, had to travel some distance to find his Chevy S-10. The truck's exterior has a shaved tailgate and doors. It rides on 17-inch wheels wrapped in BFGoodrich rubber. The interior was painted red, and the seats and headrests were covered in tweed. For sound and entertainment, a Sony audio system was installed with 12-inch subs, and for games, a Playstation was added.

Lone Ranger
Chris Van Kempen of Roseville, California, is the proud owner of this '00 Ford Ranger. Chris and his brother have both been working on their trucks to upgrade the stock bodies. Chris installed 17-inch Cobra wheels wrapped in Falken rubber. He also added an air suspension and had the truck painted purple with a blue and purple fade. The interior has a 5-inch monitor with a Pioneer audio system for entertainment.

Caddy Shack
J.W. Schultz is the proud owner of this '99 GMC Caddy beauty. The truck has been under construction for a couple of years. Twenty-inch wheels were the first modification the truck received, followed by an '03 Caddy front end. After the body work was done, J.W. worked on the interior and installed a monitor with a PS2 and a complete audio system.

Bad Chevy
Jesse Wolf of Roseville, California, shared the same passion of customizing and upgrading trucks as his brother Chris. Jesse is the proud owner of this '00 Chevy Extreme. The truck rides on 18-inch Lazarro wheels wrapped in Toyo rubber. For audio, Jesse installed a Sony audio system with 12-inch subs.

Sparta Dakota
Joey Young of Sparta, Tennessee, owns this '94 Dodge Dakota. The truck has 17-inch Mazzi wheels wrapped in Ventus rubber and was lowered 4 inches in the front and back. Joey also installed a shaved roll pan. The audio system consists of Audiobahn 12-inch speakers, and the interior has been painted to match the exterior.

N2 The Flame
Jerod Strong of Fresno, California, owns this '01 Ford F-150. For Jerod, customizing has become an addiction, and he tries to keep up with new products that he can install. Jerod shaved the doors and the tailgate and added a billet bumper insert along with lower grilles and 20-inch Panther wheels.

Dark & Gray
Jake Springwater of Sallisaw, Oklahoma, is the proud owner of this '04 Chevy Tahoe. Jake installed 20-inch Boss wheels wrapped in Goodyear rubber along with an air-ride suspension. The truck was given a custom paintjob and a customized grille. The interior was redone in a leopard print, and the floor mats were personalized to match.

Marvel Mania
This '00 Chevy S-10 was sent in by James McIntyre of Arnold, Pennsylvania. James has put a lot of time and effort into his truck in an attempt to make it feature worthy. The truck has a K&N cold-air intake with a MagnaFlow stainless exhaust for more roar. It rides on 18-inch wheels and has a sick paintjob with flames.

Jerry Helaire of Natchitoches, Louisiana, always enters his '97 Ford F-150 in as many shows as he can. The truck has Street Scene ground effects with 20-inch wheels and a spin kit. Jerry's plans for future upgrades are endless.