Sweet '54
Between Tony Mainord and Jim Stugman of Anderson, Indiana, this '54 Ford F-100 became what it is now. Tony worked on the body and modified the stock frame by chopping 3 inches off the top and shaving the doors. He also gave the rearend a new Ford 9-inch differential. The front suspension has a power Mustang, and the engine is a 429ci. Jim performed the exterior paintjob himself.

Out & About
This Ford F-150 belongs to Larry Schow of Torrance, California. The truck has had a Sir Michaels roll pan installed along with a Lightning front bumper and a billet grille. The truck was lowered 2 inches in the front and 4 in the rear. A body kit with pinstriped flames was added with four coats of clear. A polished Novi supercharger and B&M shift kit were also installed.

Outta Control
Luis D. Silva of Great Falls, Montana, first added a Torza tonneau cover to his Dodge Dakota before adding an SS grille and an SS roll pan. The truck rolls on 20-inch Panther wheels wrapped in Goodyear rubber. The interior was given a yellow sunrise look and yellow glow stickers were added to set it off. A K&N cold-air intake and an MSD ignition system were installed for better performance.

Dark Angel
When J.J. Raza of Midland, Texas, first set eyes on his '03 Dodge Ram, it was love at first sight. J.J. decided to change up his stock truck to give it his own personal touch. It rolls on 20-inch wheels on a Belltech drop and features a Flowmaster exhaust. For sound, a Pioneer system was installed. In the near future, J.J. plans on adding a roll pan with 22-inch wheels and an upgraded hood.

Baby Girl
This '00 Ford Explorer belong to Jesus Baldovinos of Chillicothe, Missouri. Jesus gave his SUV a new look to show it off in his home town. He first installed 20-inch Dayton's wheels on Profile rubber. To entertain his friends, three monitors and a Playstation were installed. Future plans include an air filter and rear lights.

Mass Avalanche
This '02 Chevy Avalanche belongs to John Hesdorffor of Concord, Massachusetts. The truck was customized with a 3-inch lowering kit, and under the hood, a K&N kit with a Flowmaster exhaust was installed. It rides on 22-inch wheels and has an entertainment system for his friends to enjoy.

John O. of Dallas, is extremely proud of this '01 Ford Ranger. John tells us that he has installed 20-inch wheels wrapped in Falken rubber. Gold Harley-Davidson emblems were added to give the truck a stylish look. John plans on working on the interior in the future, but for now, he has installed an Alpine audio system.

To the Finish
This '98 Ford F-150 belongs to C.J. Rodine of Kingwood, Texas. The truck rolls around town on 20-inch wheels wrapped in Goodyear rubber. C.J. gave the truck an LED underbody kit and a Warlock muffler. Future plans include a shaved tailgate with custom taillights and an air suspension.

Wise Investment
Sammy Bollinger learned that investing money in his '04 Toyota Tacoma would satisfy him more than anything. In the town of Marion, North Carolina, Sammy says most people wouldn't invest time or money in upgrading trucks, but he didn't feel that way. The truck has a dual exhaust with stainless steel tips and 17-inch American Racing wheels wrapped in Summit rubber. For entertainment, an Alpine system was installed.

Quality Time
This one-of-a-kind truck belongs to 5-year-old Josh Fox of Hodge, Louisiana. The truck was inspired by Josh and built by his father, Steven, when he realized how fond of trucks his son was. The truck has a ride height of 9 feet 3 inches and tires made out of wire spools. It also features a sick 24-inch lift on a lumber suspension. For Steven and Josh, this is the start of a father and son customizing legacy.