In Search of Exposure
Everyone wants to show off their truck and share the hard work that has gone into piecing everything together. Charles Landfried, from Fairview Heights, Illinois, is no exception. In fact, he may have somewhat of an advantage over the rest of us, as he owns his own auto body and towing shop. Charles' '03 Chevy Silverado sports a Wheatland yellow factory paintjob, which is rather rare for this particular year and body style. The truck has a 3-inch front and 4-inch rear drop at the moment, but will hopefully be 'bagged soon. Charles is planning to frequent some of the bigger truck shows this year, so we hope to see you out there buddy!

A Dose of Dodge Power
Bill Sharpe is the proud owner of this '05 Dodge Ram SRT-10. These trucks are ready to rock straight off the dealership lot, but Bill had a need for speed that only a Roe Racing supercharger and MagnaFlow exhaust system could feed. A Center Force dual friction clutch was also installed for better shifting through the gears while ripping up the road. Bill has informed us that his SRT-10 has clocked in at 600+hp during his last dyno testing - we're quite impressed to say the least. Bill admits that he had to learn how to drive his truck all over again after all the performance modifications, but that's a small price to pay for the amount of power and speed that is now at his command.

Homegrown Hauler
Seth Rosenthal, from Indianapolis, Indiana, has restored his '87 Chevy C-10 all by himself - well, with a little help from his friends and family too. The truck's exterior has been shaved clean of its drip rails and fitted with a Goodmark cowl hood before it was painted with '04 GM Ultra Silver base and Sikkens metallic green racing stripes. Seth 'bagged his C-10 with a universal rear four-link setup connected to Airlift valves and an Oasis compressor. A set of 18-inch Boss 309 wheels and Falken tires have found themselves underneath the Chevy body for added style and street performance. Seth has been a Truckin' reader since '97 and a subscriber since '00 and it shows!

Lone Star Lemon
We're sure Joshua Miles' '05 GMC Canyon runs just fine up and down the Denton, Texas, highways-we were just admiring his keen stock color selection. Joshua lowered his Canyon with a 2/4 lowering kit and threw on a set of 20-inch Boss 313 wheels and Yokohama 275/45R20 tires. The interior has been wrapped in yellow vinyl and all of the plastic trim pieces were pulled and painted to match the truck. The Canyon's cab has also been stuffed full of audio goodness in the form of a 7-inch Panasonic double-din touchscreen head unit, Focal 6.5-inch component speakers, and a custom sub box loaded with two 12-inch Kicker woofers.