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Reader's Revenge
Horacio Lujan, from Borger, Texas, has been working on his '00 Chevy Silverado since just after he graduated high school in 2002. Since then, he has lowered his Chevy with a Belltech 3/4 kit and threw on some 22-inch Panther Realm wheels. He thought he was sitting pretty for a while until some kid in a 'bagged truck started dancing on him at a stoplight. After that brief but agonizing minute and a half, Horacio was compelled to turn up the fire on his own build. The truck now features 'bags, bumpin' audio, HID headlights and fogs, fresh paint, and color-matched interior pieces-take that Mr. airbag guy at the stoplight-you've just been upstaged!

Rad Ram
"Super" Mario Ramirez, from Weslaco, Texas, loves his '04 Dodge Ram, so when it came time to customize it, he decided to go big. The Ram was lowered four inches overall and sports some shiny 24-inch Player wheels. A Flowmaster exhaust provides better engine performance while putting out an aggressive roar. This summer, Mario plans to upgrade to 26-inch wheels and wants to wire in a couple of monitors inside of the Ram's cab. The truck already looks great-we can't imagine what it will look like before the year is over.

Tailgate Party Starter
Eddie Baxter must be the most popular guy in South Plymouth, New York, during football season. His '99 Ford Ranger wears some pretty amazing mods such as a 3-inch suspension drop and a booming sound system featuring a JVC head unit, Power Base subs, and a Cadence amp. The main attraction to Eddie's truck must the 32-inch flat-panel television in the bed. Just imagine firing up the BBQ while watching the big game-sounds like a great time!

Low Budget Custom
Terry Robinson, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, built his '05 Dodge Ram 1500 on a pretty tight budget, which is something most of us can relate to. A 2/4 lowering kit has been bolted onto the Ram's suspension and the stock 20-inch five-spoke wheels have been painted black for a unique look. The 3.7L V-6 has been upgraded with Jet stage 1 chip, air intake, Flowmaster 40 series muffler, and an electric fan round out the performance category, which sounds like a healthy, well-balanced lineup to us