First Ford
Actually, this '93 F-150 was James Durrett's first vehicle that his grandfather gave him when he was 15. Now, at the age of 23, James has made a great deal of progress as he has given his truck an Eleanor Mustang inspired paint treatment and has dropped the suspension two inches in the front and 51/2 in the rear with Belltech lowering components. Black Magic lights have been hidden behind the Carriage Works billet grill and a Cervini's hood adds some character to the front end and the interior has been refreshed with suede SVT '03 Ford Lightning seats and a fully painted dash and pillars.

Bad Bow Tie
Damien Ginter, from Tucson, Arizona, has put in serious work into his '98 Chevy 1500. The truck has been fitted with Slam Specialties RE7 'bags at each corner, a custom wishbone link, and a full sheet metal bed floor. Twenty-two-inch Boss wheels and a B.A.D. Rockstar steering wheel round out the flossy mods that have been made to this promising Bow Tie so far. Damien plans to swap in a beefier engine and add a fresh paint job in the near future so be on the look out.

Workin' Hard
Chris McCole's '96 GMC Sierra works about as hard as he does throughout the week, but looking good while sweating it out is always a top priority. Chris dropped his truck with a 2/4 kit and threw on a set of 20-inch Foose Legend wheels wrapped in 275/45R20 series Falken ST/Z04 rubber to set off his truck's lower ride height. Chris' truck hasn't always looked this good, however, since it was actually totaled out by his insurance company after a nasty freeway accident. Aside from a slightly bent frame, Chris' GMC was still salvageable and still serves as his daily driver to this very day. We dig this cool photo Chris took near the Golden Gate Bridge, in San Francisco, California!

That's how one of the coolest and most appropriately timed vanity plates we've seen in a while reads. Gabe Gonzalez's '09 Chevy Silverado serves as a rolling reminder just how badly the climate of everything automotive has become, but his witty and creative, seven-letter message to world is sure to turn more than a few frowns upside down.