All In The Family
Donny Ward's father bought this truck brand new back in 1990, and in 2003, Donny seized the opportunity to take it off of his dad's hands. For a sum of $1,400, Donny had a great subject for a new project, which he started by first conducting a 4/6 drop and bolting on a set of 20-inch Mazzi Fury wheels. A shiny front chrome bumper and lots of styling accessories have made their way onto Donny's new ride. Spending less than two grand for a fresh project is a steal, but improving the street credibility of a truck and keeping it in the family is invaluable.

Lowered Lightning
SPC Aron M. Jones, an Air Traffic Controller in the U.S. Navy, loves his job, but he just might love his '00 Ford Lightning a bit more. So far, Aron has lowered his Lightning with Eibach drop springs then bolted on a set of 22-inch wheels for appearance sake. For optimum performance, a Flowmaster exhaust and K&N air intake were thrown into the mix, and the new upper and lower pulleys surely helped as well. Although Aron has seen some of the fastest aircrafts in the U.S. Army's arsenal, his Ford Lightning might give a few of them a run for their money.

A Sergeant's Ride
Sgt. Kyle J. Wright is currently serving his second deployment in Kuwait, which means that he gets his Truckin' issues roughly three weeks later than everyone else. Since Kyle gets to spend more time with back issues, he couldn't help but gather ideas to customize his '06 Ford Explorer XLS. So far, a set of 24-inch Dub Swagger wheels and '07 Eddie Bauer edition front and rear bumpers and door handles have found their way onto his ride. House of Kolor Ice Blue paint was used to create a marble effect down the middle of the hood as well as the rear hatch for a unique touch of style. An Alpine double-din head unit, Rockford Fosgate component speakers, two 12-inch subs, and a RF T10001bd amp greet Kyle with each turn of the key. Congratulations on all the great work and thank you for your service, Kyle!

Chevy Muscle
Woody Woodbeck, from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, and his father both own Chevy 454 SS trucks-his father's is a '91 and Woody owns a '90. Woody has lowered his hauler 5/7 with DJM drop components, and covered a set of 20-inch Boss 312 wheels with 255/35R20 General Exclaim UHP rubber before mounting them. The already beefy engine was upgraded with an Edelbrock air gap intake manifold, cam and lifters, true roller timing chains and gears, and stainless headers and exhaust system. The list of power modifications is rather extensive and way too long to print here but just know that Woody's truck would dust most stoplight racers without hesitation. If you don't believe us, cruise around, find Woody, and pull up beside him.