Seeing Red
David Cach, aka 1quickRST, lives in the Bay Area of Northern California and has been tuning his '05 RST Edition Chevy Silverado to be a sheer menace on the streets. The limited production truck's 4.8L engine has been given a few performance upgrades in the way a Comp camshaft, ASP underdrive pulley, JBA headers, a Magnaflow dual exhaust system, and a True Flow cold air intake. David's Silverado puts down 320 hp as well as 300 lb-ft of torque and he says that is just the beginning for his red street rocket. Keep up the great work!

Texas Tuned
Stewart Smith, whose alter ego TXsilverado, is an obvious cry of his allegiance to his home state of Texas, as well as his project muscle truck. Stewart's '01 Chevy Silverado has been upgraded with an LS1 engine with all the necessary trimmings such as heads, cam, intake, and nitrous system. Just how much extra power did Stewart receive when all his engine mods were all wired up and bolted on? Currently, his best time is 11.5@118 on a 125 shot. So far, that is mighty fine progress, but Stewart fully intends to go even faster!

Dirty Daily Driver
Tyler Scruggs, whose alias is dirt track racer 81, is as serious about great photography as he is with horsepower and torque. His '00 Chevy Silverado has been given the old race inspired treatment in the way of a Comps cam, LS6 heads, an Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake manifold with a FAST four-barrel throttle body, and a dual 3-inch exhaust system for better engine breathing. The Chevy has been lowered 2/4 and is now a true street machine that can sneak up on any unsuspecting competitor.

High Performance Daily
Jared Barron (ws6ls1) is the proud owner of this '05 Chevy Silverado VHO (Vortec High Output) and so far, he has been able to bolt on a K&N cold air intake, cat-less dual exhaust system, and a drag reducing 4/6 McGaughy's drop kit. The Silverado is Jared's daily driver and he has big plans for it in the future including a custom Wheatley tune, which will squeeze more mpg and hp from the high performance LQ9 6.0L powerplant.

Two-toned and Blown
Chris Robinson (lownslo06), from Jackson, Mississippi, is the proud owner of this '07 Chevy Silverado LT3, and as anybody can clearly see, he just loves to drive it. With a 6.0L engine that has been upgraded with a ZO6 cam, LS6 valve springs, and a KB Racing 70mm front mount turbo complete with an intercooler, its no mystery why he has selected this road ripping truck as his daily driver.