The First Frost
Derrick Plante, a proud citizen of Canada, has chosen a '95 Chevy 1500 4WD to get him through the snow that covers his hometown streets every year. Since Derrick works at an auto body shop, he has been able to give his truck a refreshing facelift and a shiny new coat of paint. So far, Derrick has accumulated 400,000 kilometers on the odometer, which more or less translates to 248,000 miles, and in that time both the original engine and tranny had to be swapped out. Not only did Derrick buy his Bow Tie to have some fun with, but he has also been able to put the truck to the test over the years since he has been behind the wheel.

A Racer's Ride
Evan Pflock, from Redondo Beach, California, is a motocross racer and a huge fan of trucks. His '07 Chevy Silverado has been dropped with a McGaughy's 4/6 kit and the frame has been C-notched for ample axle travel. A set of Crave Alloys 22-inch No. 7 wheels and 285/40R22 Nitto 420S tires have been mated and look great underneath the truck's new suspension. Future plans include a full interior restyling complete with an in-dash DVD player, leather seats, and a booming sound system. A supercharger and 26-inch wheels are also in the works.