Chevy on the Move
Eric Butler's attractive '04 Chevy Silverado is a perfect example of what can be done with a not-so-huge budget and a positive, can-do attitude. The truck has been dropped courtesy of a 5/7 DJM lowering kit and to top off the low-rollin' suspension, a set of 22-inch wheels were bolted onto each corner. Both the headlight and foglight housings have been filled with true HID lighting and the interior has been wired with two 10-inch Kicker subs. Future plans include a complete color change and totally reupholstered interior—sounds like a great plan to us.

Flaming Bow Tie
Jim Grace, from Fallon, Nevada, is very proud of his '78 Chevy C10, and for very good reason too. The 350ci engine has been equipped with an Edelbrock RPM cam, a Holley carb, a high-rise aluminum intake, and a set of headers to increase the amount of hp and torque. A 17- and 18-inch Foose Nitrous 5 wheel combo wrapped in Nitto rubber serve as great pavement shredding material. The two-tone velour-covered interior has been given a few upgrades in the way of a Billet Specialties flame steering wheel and a rearview mirror to match. Hand pinstriped blue flames let others on the road know that Jim is dead serious about his all-American muscle truck.

Drive It Like You Stole It
And that's pretty much what Kevin Boavida, from Westpost, Massachusetts, did since he bought his '04 Chevy Colorado ZQ8 for the price of a base model four-banger. The car salesman at the Chevy dealership didn't even notice that the sticker information didn't match the truck it was attached to. Luckily for Kevin, he knew exactly what the situation was, but he didn't say a word. Is that so dishonest? Maybe, but we cannot say one way or another what we'd do in a situation like this. Oh, who are we kidding? Times are tough, who would seriously pass up a steal like that? And on top of that, it's kind of like sticking one to the man, which us little guys rarely get a chance to do. Since driving it off the lot, Kevin has dropped his Colorado 3 inches in the front and 4 in the back, and has given the appearance a change for the better with a set of 20-inch American Racing RT-5 wheels. With so many mods already taken care of and many more on the way, Kevin is surely getting the most bang for his buck.