Beaming Bow Tie
Jeremy Cole wrote in and informed us that he has been a subscriber to Truckin' for six years now, and that he finally feels he has a ride worthy of the magazine. We are always happy to oblige anyone who takes the time to write in, but it makes things a whole lot easier to get into the mag with a truck as clean as Jeremy's '08 Chevy Tahoe. So far, it has received a 3/5 McGaughy's drop, and the custom 24-inch powercoated Boss 330 wheels and Nexen 295/35R24 tires create a nice contrast to the high-def white paint. Jeremy hooked up an Airaid throttle-body spacer, a K&N cold air intake, A Magnaflow exhaust, and a Hypertech performance chip to add some much welcomed performance gains. Thanks for being a dedicated reader, Jeremy!

Truckin' Therapy
We received an email from Susan Banks who informed us that her husband, Tom, had been involved in a traffic accident while vacationing in New Hampshire, which left him with permanent brain injuries. During the recovery process, Tom wasn't able to drive his old '93 Ford F-150, but that actually inspired him to take the necessary steps to renew his driver's license and purchase a new truck that he could customize and use daily. This '06 Ford F-150 has been lowered, rolls on 22s, and is decked out with a killer audio system. The front Lambo doors and rear suicide doors operate on a remote, and to add a nice finishing touch, Tom had the truck dipped in four coats of clear for a deep, glistening shine. On top of all that, we heard from Susan that Tom would be celebrating his 67th birthday this year on June 12th! The entire Truckin' staff would like to offer Tom the happiest of birthday wishes and a sincere congratulations on his cool, new ride.

Cool Friggin' Ford
Dan Finlayson's '06 Ford F-150 XLT gets plenty of attention in his hometown of Ontario, Canada. Dan decided not to go too wild with the modifications, but the look of the 20-inch wheels, and the sound from the Magnaflow exhaust do just the trick to getting his truck noticed on the streets and highways just north of us. Keep up the great work, Dan, and don't be afraid to get a little crazy!