Super Chevy
U.S. Army Specialist Forrest Stapp's '03 Chevy Silverado definitely makes its presence known when driving around the Ft. Hood base. Forrest has made the initial commitment to owning a full-blown custom truck by installing a 6-inch Superlift kit with a 3-inch body lift for added height. To get the truck rolling and looking right, a set of 16-inch Helo wheels and 315/75R16 rubber come together for unbelievable performance both on and off-road. A few more modifications in the way of a billet grille, chrome door handles, a Pioneer head unit, and Infinity speakers add a dash of both style and luxury.

In The Navy
Roy Wragth, an active duty member of the Navy stationed in sunny San Diego, California, recently bought an '08 Chevy Silverado, which he has decked out with 26x10-inch Dub Bomber wheels, a billet grille, and chrome door handles and mirrors. Roy even dropped his Bow Tie a modest, but noticeable, one-inch in the front and three in the rear to level out the ride height for a street-ready appearance. Roy tells us that custom trucks are his passion, pride, and joy, and that he has been a loyal Truckin' subscriber for six years now. Thank you for your support, and deeper appreciation goes out to you for your brave service.

Ready For Action
Pfc. Branson Gilley is currently stationed in Iraq, but he admits that he'd rather be at home working on his '03 Chevy Silverado. When he's at home, Branson tells us that he spends countless hours in the garage tinkering away. It certainly appears that he knows what he's doing, as his red hot Silverado has been dropped with a McGaughy's 3-4 kit, sits on 22-inch Ultra Wheels, and sports a clean Street Scene SS front bumper and Cal-Vu mirrors. Branson has filled the cab with as much billet as possible, and has had his dash 'glassed and painted for the ultimate finishing touch. Thanks for taking the time to send in your photo, Branson, and please email back with updated photos of your truck's latest mods.

Flyin' Bow Tie
Robert LaJuett, is spending a little time at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, in North Carolina, but he is just itching to get back home to continue upgrading his '08 Chevy Silverado. So far, Robert has installed a BDS 6-inch lift kit and 11/2 –inch spacers for a total of 71/2 inches of run-stuff-over ride height. A set of 20-inch Ballistic Jester wheels and 35-inch Toyo Open Country Mud Terrains seal the deal in making Robert's ride a legitimately hardcore hauler. For additional strength, a K&N cold air intake, dual Flowmaster 40s, and 4.56 Yukon gears have come together to get the wheels turning with serious authority. Robert's future plans include Bushwacker fender flares, a Baja-style spare tire mount in the bed, and blacking out every last bit of chrome on his Silverado's surface.