One of the best and easiest ways to make the most of your truck's bed is the addition of a tonneau cover. Our project Lightning received a Perma-Tech urethane bedliner to protect the bed from the elements and abuse, but the parts and items we carried in it were not protected. Thus, the decision to install a tonneau cover was quite obvious. Because the Lightning is a muscle truck that has a following and may increase in value (we hope), we did not want to install a tonneau that required any drilling into the bed. For this reason, we opted to use the X-2000 tonneau system, which is available from Gaylord's in Long Beach, California.

The X-2000 is a patented hinge system that clamps to the underside of the bedrail and can be easily detached without any clips or pins. Opening much like a scissor, the hinge allows the tonneau to be opened freely and smoothly. Installation involves placing a reinforcement plate under the bedrail covers, an item only required on Ford trucks with a standard cab, stepside bed. Once the reinforcement is in place, the X-2000 hinge is positioned under the bedrails. A few bolts clamp it in place under the rails, eliminating any need to drill holes into the bed.

Position the tonneau over the bed. Underneath, one of Gaylord's technicians adjusted the hinge to the correct position. Again, the tonneau was checked to make sure it sat properly on the bed before any of the bolts were tightened up. Two technicians removed the tonneau so that the shocks could be added. Once everything was bolted up, the lid was reinserted into the X-2000 hinge and secured with a single retaining bolt. Also included are locks and two keys to secure the tonneau to the bed. Our Lightning now has a finished look, and Gaylord's matched the white paint perfectly.


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6801 Paramount Blvd.
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