Anyone with a radically lowered sport truck suspension -- meaning anything typically below a 6/8-inch dropped stance -- understands what it means to either high-center the truck's frame, or better yet, severely bottom out the truck. These are just ways of life with the down-'n'-dirty crowd. However, there are alternatives. The aforementioned problems are a key reason why adjustable suspensions have become so popular these days and are quickly gaining a reputation as the items to have whenever contemplating a new ground-pounding suspension stance. One of the earliest pioneers of completely adjustable air sprung suspension systems has been Chassis Tech, sold through AIM Industries in Phoenix, as well as numerous other authorized Chassis Tech dealers.

Just as the typical lowered truck suspension has changed over time, from simple heated or cut coil springs to lowering blocks to properly equipped frame saddles and dropped spindles, Chassis Tech has also experienced a rebirth of its air suspension pieces. While the typical double-convoluted air spring and less air-efficient air compressors are still popular with the low-end crowd, shopping for the best prices, times, and pocketbooks have changed. While we are not advocating running out and purchasing the most expensive airbag suspension kit on the market, there are idealists out there who believe you certainly get what you pay for. Face it, the suspension on your truck or SUV is your vehicle's last line of defense should something seriously happen to the bottom of the truck, such as blowing out a tire or collapsing an airbag.

While Chassis Tech offers entry-level-type kits, it also specializes in air suspension systems to make the most sheepish person take notice. One key advantage of air suspension systems stems from the fact that at the touch of a button, usually mounted within reach of the driver, the truck or SUV can be radically raised or severely hammered to achieve just the look you desire. A history of adjustable suspensions is something not altogether new. In the late '50s and early '60s, adjustable suspensions became popular with the lowrider crowd through the use of hydraulic liftgate cylinders, which were retrofitted to a car's suspension and typically installed in place of the stock shock absorber. However, one of the main reasons the lowered suspension industry came up with air suspension is the numerous problems associated with hydraulics. Typically, a hydraulic suspension uses a series of hydraulic pumps, holding the oil in reserve tanks for use when the paddles, buttons, or levers are flipped to alter the vehicle's ride height. The downside of hydraulics are the harsh, punishing ride qualities, the difficulty in proper frontend alignment, and, worse yet, blowing out hydraulic pumps.

These reasons alone were plenty for AIM Industries and Chassis Tech to offer air springs and suspensions for the common man to the most prudent of suspension specialists. Knowing Chassis Tech's reputation for high-quality bolt-in parts, we elected to use the company's exclusive new Blow Jax adjustable air suspension, consisting of front control arms and air springs, as well as the company's brand-new air-adjustable rear four-link kit. The entire system comes with race-bred technology and heavy-duty adjustable Heim joints. It is perfect for our latest SEMA project vehicle. We provided a brief sneak peek of the brand-new 2001 Ford Super Crew project in past editorials and a small photo of the completed truck in last month's SEMA Show coverage. This lead photo was computerized to show what can be done. The actual truck will be seen at a later date.

Our reasons for choosing the Chassis Tech air suspension system were easy. First, we wanted to showcase the unlimited possibilities for true bolt-in suspension products, especially one as radical as a rear four-link. Secondly, we wanted to highlight the quality of what it takes to properly set up a decent air suspension system. With that in mind, we called AIM Industries. After explaining to them what we wanted and our short window of opportunity to get the Super Crew to the SEMA Show, a complete kit was sent out. It included all necessary mounting hardware, the air lines, the compressors, the fittings, the airbags, and the rear four-link kit that, to our surprise, was chrome-plated to highlight the suspension's qualities. Follow along as we take you through an involved, proper way to install an airbag suspension system from Chassis Tech.


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