The mobile audio scene has come a long way since the eight-track and 6x9-inch speaker days. Today, enthusiasts demand more from their cars' stereo systems. When driving to work or on long road trips, drivers want to be kicked in the back with bass from a wicked drum solo or be enthralled by the wail of a screaming guitar from one of Van Halen's classics. A well-balanced audio system is great for listening to any type of music you can throw at it. When putting together an ear-pleasing audio system for your vehicle, it is important to do extensive research on the components to find the right combination for your musical taste. High-performance audio components are like horsepower for your music. A killer jam from AC/DC just doesn't sound as good on stock low-volume speakers and a stock low-output head unit. The other part of the equation that is important is finding a good installer that will design and tune your system for maximum enjoyment. Things like speaker location and bass control can turn even a most modest system into an exhilarating mobile audio experience. If tuned properly and constructed with proper wiring, cabling, and materials, a quality-engineered system can make drivers and passengers feel like they are at a band's concert. Amplifiers intensify the depth of the speakers and let their performance potential be recognized. The midrange and high-range speakers deliver astounding guitar wails while subwoofers produce the bass needed to give music definition.

Recently we had an opportunity to spend a few days with the audio experts at Serenity Sound Performance in Fountain Valley, California, as they installed a all-out, take-no-prisoners audio and video ensemble in our project Hog Hauler '01 Chevrolet HD dualie. The system included four Blaupunkt Odxa663 dual voice coil 6-1/2-inch separates for the doors, two Blaupunkt Overdrive Odwa1000 10-inch Competition subwoofers for bass duties, two Blaupunkt PA2150 two-channel amplifiers, an Icon TV DA-301-1 tuner module, an Icon TV DA7169 7-inch motorized in-dash monitor, Two Icon TV MT 5600 headrest TV monitors, and a 10-disc Icon TV V10DVDC DVD player.

Not only does this high-end audio artillery rock when cranking our favorite jams, but a bit of visual entertainment can be on hand instantly with the touch of a few buttons. While Blaupunkt's supreme audio goods are shocking your eardrums with quality sound, the components from Icon TV can be used to pass time on a road trip or keep the kids occupied on long drives. The folks at Serenity Sound Performance made the system even nicer by doing an exceptionally clean install, from building a bulletproof speaker box to wiring up the subwoofers and mounting the amplifiers. Follow along as we replace our stock, no-frills head unit and speakers with a combination of audio and video components that work together to create a cabin filled with ear- and eye-pleasing entertainment.

1. This is the whole audio/video ensemble from Blaupunkt and Icon TV just prior to the installation. Pictured are two Blaupunkt Odwa1000 10-inch subwoofers, two Blaupunkt PA 2150 two-channel amplifiers, four Blaupunkt Odxa663 6-1/2-inch separate speakers, an Icon TV V10DVDC 10-disc DVD player, an Icon TV 7-inch motorized in-dash monitor, a DA301-1 Icon TV tuner module, and two Icon TV MT 5600 headrest TV monitors. Once they are working in unison, these components will provide a pleasing audio and video experience in our project Hog Hauler.