The current crop of SUVs has made a major impact on many of our daily transportation necessities. Initially, SUVs were designed and marketed to fill the void between pickups, vans, and luxury cars. Today, they have become a status symbol of coolness and reflect an active lifestyle. After seeing the possibilities of transforming SUVs into stylish chariots, the custom truck aftermarket is focusing heavily on SUVs. Simple bolt-on goodies are becoming extremely popular, such as large billet aluminum wheels, tires, billet grilles, sport mirrors, clear corner taillights, headlights, interior dash kits, outrageous sound systems, DVD players with 7- to 17-inch monitors, and the list goes on and on.

A tricked-out SUV definitely attracts attention. However, for those serious enthusiasts who know cool when they see it, a hot area for refinement is an SUV's rolling profile and stance. To achieve a level horizontal plane, the suspension must receive some hands-on adjustments. Adjusting the SUV's profile will improve its handling by lowering its center of gravity. It will also decrease body roll while cornering, and firm up the suspension's overall characteristics.

The folks at Belltech have developed a 2/3 torsion bar/coil spring drop kit, which is available for the 2000-and-later Chevrolet 1500 Tahoe/Suburban, 1500 GMC Yukon/Yukon XL, and Denali. The kit introduces a newly designed Torsion Bar Adjustment Arm to replace the factory arm. To drop the nose 2 inches, Belltech has tweaked the Torsion Bar Adjusting Arms by changing the rotation (re-clocking) of the hexagon hole of the Torsion Bar Adjusting Arms to achieve the correct adjustment of the front torsion bars. Belltech Nitro Active shock absorbers also damp the front suspension. The rear suspension is lowered 3 inches by simply removing the factory rear coil springs and replacing them with shorter Belltech lowered coil springs, along with a pair of Belltech Nitro Active shock absorbers with limiting straps.

We worked with the team at Top Line Performance in Huntington Beach, California. Follow along as Mario Romero performs all the needed alterations to achieve a mild 2/3 drop on this '03 Denali.