When Ford introduced the current generation Lightning, it was to the overwhelming approval of an enthusiastic market. However, all wasn't perfect, as any Lightning owner who has raced can attest to the Lightning's propensity for heat soaking the intercooler, rendering it nearly useless. Because of this heat issue on the supercharged and intercooled Lightnings, owners who rip repeatedly down the track have been awaiting an answer.

Enter SVC Motorsports, who, with Sport Truck Direct's involvement, developed such a system for those who run Lightnings hard and put them away wet. Using Sport Truck Direct's '02 project Lightning as a test bed, SVC Motorsports was able to produce an effective product. Dubbed the InterChiller, this system incorporates dual 440-cfm electric fans, mounted to an aluminum housing.

These fans are designed specifically for use in high-demand automotive applications and are a perfect fit for the InterChiller kit. The complete assembly installs easily to the existing factory intercooler and only requires connecting two wires.

This kit greatly reduces heat soak associated with repeated hard runs, providing a cooler, more dense air charge. Since one horsepower is gained with every seven degrees of intake temperature reduction, it also adds always-important horsepower.

Follow along as SVC Motorsports prepares the Lightning for better driveability and lower e.t.s through use of the InterChiller. This guide is only an overview of actual installation and any technical questions should be directed at the manufacturer.