There's an old saying, "Sometimes good enough, isn't." And for the most part, it's true. Those who tend to settle for just enough are often destined to live the lives of what Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard calls "quiet desperation." In the case of our Project Sierra, quiet just wasn't going to cut it, and we were desperate to remedy the situation. So, we decided to upgrade the sound system for something that would convert the truck from stockin' torockin' in no time flat.

However, you don't just throw a bunch of components in a truck and hope for the best. It takes some thought and planning, as well as a good hard look at what you are willing to give up for better sounds. In the case of this project, the owner wanted to upgrade the stock cassette deck with a Blaupunkt CD player and changer, exchange the four stock speakers for some better high-performance Hart Professional coaxial drivers, add a high-powered Hart Professional amp to raise some decent volume, and install a subwoofer system to add a little more bass to the mix.

One of the biggest considerations is the interior real estate of a truck. Even the roomy Extended Cab of the Sierra comes at a premium. Adding amps and subwoofer enclosures takes up some space, no matter how creative you are. After careful planning and decision-making about what was and was not an acceptable amount of lost space, it was time to put the system components together.

After considering the options and reading up on the test reports from various magazines and websites,it was determined that the hot setup for this particular project was going to be on a foundation of Blaupunkt and Hart Professional products. Now, all of the best components in the world won't do much good unless you have a talented installer to make it happen. That's why we chose the fine folks at Advantage Audio & Alarm in Brea, California, who worked their magic to make this system as tight as it was loud. Advantage audio owner Ron Valentine and manager Jamie Fifield were kind enough to walk us through the installation.

Keep in mind, this is not a how-to, step-by-step stereo installation. This article was written to show you the possibilities of upgrading your stock sound system. But enough of the formalities, let's jump right in and see how the Sierra's sound system went from drab to fab in a little more than a day.