Easy exterior bolt-ons are a huge market, with several manufacturers making clear corners, Euro taillights, and now projector headlights to add function and good looks to the outside of today's popular trucks. With so many companies out there making similar products, often times truck owners don't know where to look, and the decision is based on cheaper is better.

In the case of parts being exposed to the most severe driving conditions such as rain, direct sunlight, rocks from the road, and unrelenting car washes, a quality product makes all the difference.

We have all seen those unsightly, discolored, and yellow clear corners that stayed clear for the first week, but then began to steadily fade. After learning our lesson the hard way, we contacted IPCW (In.Pro.Car Wear) and asked the company about its new Crystal Diamond Cut Lenses which include clear corners and new headlights. Hearing what we wanted to do with the truck, IPCW decided to launch the new Bermuda Black taillights and showcase them on our project S-10. Completely black, the new Bermuda Black taillights feature a bright-red reflector without any of the other nonsense, typically stuck-on aftermarket taillights.

Also installed on the truck were the Crystal Diamond clear corners that feature a new upgraded harness which converts the single bulb clear corner into a two-bulb setup. With this trick add-on, the turn signal bulb can blink, while the other parking light bulb remains on -- adding great looks and safety to the front end of the truck. Rounding out the lighting and appearance upgrades were the new IPCW Projector headlights. Replacing the entire headlight assembly, the new projectors allow for easy bulb upgrades while casting a broad light pattern onto the street in front of the truck.

Installed in less than an hour, the IPCW parts completely changed the front end and backside of our project S-10, and in a world where everyone is trying to be unique, the IPCW lighting upgrades will definitely add character to your rig.