The Primedia Truck Group recently acquired a new '07 Dodge Ram 3500 HD Big Horn 5.9L turbodiesel Quad Cab longbed 2WD dualie to tow the Primedia 48-ft gooseneck enclosed trailer. Wheelman Eddy Cebreco Jr., who is also our Events Director, sometimes peddles thousands of miles per trip with the massive trailer in tow. Eliminating as many stops as possible on the road means making up time with every gas station he passes.

Eddy searched for a fuel-tank manufacturer that could fulfill his towing needs. Transfer Flow in Chico, California, offers a 56-gallon fuel tank that replaced the smaller '07 Dodge Ram 3500 factory 35-gallon tank. Eddy was all over it and excited with the new towing possibilities. Transfer Flow had one shipped to us within a couple of days.

We contacted Semon Shadke at ST Trucks in Riverside, California, to see if he could accommodate our needs and help with the installation. Semon and his crew are known for installing aftermarket truck suspensions, or designing and fabricating their own high-quality rugged and reliable custom on- and off-road truck suspensions.

Once we received the fuel tank, it was a quick and easy R&R (remove and replace) installation. If you, too, spend hours behind the wheel of your tow rig and would like to spend more time on the road- than on the side of it filling up your tank, give Transfer Flow a call.