Time Spent Working: 4 hours
Mechanical Difficulty: Intermediate
(Make sure a couple of buddies help you remove the factory 35-gallon fuel tank and install the new Transfer Flow 56-gallon tank.)
Parts Used:
1 (PN 0800113068) 56-gallon Transfer Flow fuel tank
Total Cost: $880.86
  (Not including installation labor)

From The Driver Seat:With the installation of the Transfer Flow 56-gallon fuel tank completed, it was amazing how much more 21 gallons is (factory 35 gallons vs. Transfer Flow 56 gallons) and an increased 168-pound payload. The payoff was how many more miles we were able to travel between fuel stops, which greatly increased the overall towing range

Tools Needed:7/16-inch standard socket * 6mm socket 7mm socket * 15mm deep socket * 5/8-inch deep socket * 11/16-inch deep socket * 3/8-to-1/2-inch adaptor * 10-inch ratchet extension * 15mm open/box end wrench * 5/8-inch open/box end wrench * small flat-blade screwdriver * large flat-blade screwdriver * 4-32 lbs-ft torque wrench * needle-nose pliers * ball-peen hammer * pneumatic (air gun)

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