Our first impression of the truck was wow, that thing looks good. We liked the minimal offset (+18 mm) for the Bazo wheels that tucked the tires inside the fender wells, which keeps the paint clean and the Mud Terrain tire noise low. We also liked the smooth and competent feel the Pro Comp lift gave the truck. The new F-150 is known for its quality ride and the Pro Comp kit did not disappoint us. One thing that stumped us was the SoCal pre-runner rake the truck had after the lift was installed. We contacted Pro Comp and they cleared things up for us.

Due to the SuperCrew being a longbed, at 6-1/2-feet, we needed to install an add-a-leaf, part number 13134, in the rear leaf pack to even things out. Two weeks after the initial install, we slipped the new add-a-lead in place and they were right, a nice and level stance was achieved. The intake went on with no problems, and it's nice to know we won't have to worry about that filter for 100,00 miles. Speaking of top-notch, the exhaust is really first-class. Made of 304 stainless steel, everything fit and performed flawlessly. Inside the truck, the exhaust is barely noticeable, until you give it some gas, then a healthy rumble can then be heard.