Kelly Inman at Specialized Coatings created a special titanium-gold blend ceramic coat for the entire exhaust system. Specialized Coatings also applied aluminum ceramic coating to the torque tube, transmission, and transaxle case. A Hurst six-speed shifter and shift rod mounted atop the torque tube translate the gear selections to the Tremec transaxle. A Center Force multi-disc clutch delivers pressure to engage the power to the torque tube shaft and torque ball to the Tremec TR6060 six-speed manual transaxle. The Power Master XS high torque starter engages into the 168-tooth factory flywheel, rotating the Callies crankshaft, bringing the Corvette thunder to life. A set of MSD ignition HVC II coil sparks the MSD multi-spark coils, through MSD plug wires as the electric juices are kept flowing through the MSD alternator. The custom-built 18-gallon aluminum fuel tank received a couple ceramic coats of Kelly's titanium-gold, and was cradled inside the tubular framerails, behind the Tremec transaxle.

If, after examining this totally tubular rolling chassis displayed before you, it seems unfortunate that it'll be covered up by the '57 Chevy cab, fenders, hood, and bed. I guarantee its immaculate body components will top this.

Stay tuned for the complete Black Gold package in an upcoming Truckin' issue.

Ironworks Speed & Kustom