From The Driver Seat
The combination of the Power Slot cryo rotors, A1 Cardone single-piston calipers, and Posi Quiet scorched disc bake pads contributed to a solid braking performance package. The 275/45R20 Avon Tech S/T tires and American Racing Dale Earnhardt Jr. Octane wheels deliver a performance look that we were going for. The wider Avon tread contact patch allows for better traction under acceleration, braking, and cornering. The Avon Tech S/T low profile creates a stiffer sidewall, which developes less sidewall flex, that helps eliminate heat buildup. The larger contact patch allowed for increased cornering speeds.

The Tire Rack purchase was easy and fast; besides, it's hard to beat having wheels and tires delivered to your door that are already mounted and balanced. Our overall impression of the upgraded front disc brakes, wheels and tires on all four corners is it will vastly improve the drivability, handling, and appearance of the Dodge Dakota. It's starting to look and feel pretty racy.