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Time Spent Working: 3 hours
Mechanical Difficulty: Beginner

Tools Used: Coats tire changer, Coats tire spin balancer, pneumatic gun, 3/4-inch socket, assorted wrenches, gravity brake bleeder, 13mm allen hex wrench, Gorilla Power 1/2-inch drive handle, and a torque wrench

Parts Used:
Power Slot cryogenic rotors PN8738CSL $377.00
Posi Quiet disc brake pads PN106.08200 $59.95
A1 Cardone single-piston brake calipers PN18-4756 $70.00
Powdercoat calipers $40.00
American Racing Dale Earnhardt Jr. Octane 20x8-1/2-inch wheels $641.00
Avon S/T Tech tires 275/45R20 $403.50
Frontend alignment $ 65.00
Total $1,656.45
Specialized Coating
Power Performance Group
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CA  91311
Dept. 5.0
Top Line Performance
7312 Auto Park Dr
Huntington Beach
CA  92648
The Tire Rack
A1 Cardone USA