In the last four stories, we've literally transformed the interior of our Project Sinatra F-150 and shown you easy ways to upgrade and add new life to your cabin. We loved the luxurious looks, but we still felt the truck was missing something. Looking around, we realized the black suede headliner looked awesome with the two-tone black and gray Roadwire seats, the black leather-wrapped AIM steering wheel, and leather door panels. What stuck out like a sore thumb was the old, worn-out gray carpet. Years of abuse and just everyday wear and tear had taken its toll on the Ford carpet. The solution to this problem was one call to JC Whitney.

After talking to the techs at JC Whitney, we ordered top-of-the-line custom fit carpet from ACC. The best part: we ordered the custom carpet in black to match the other interior modifications. Shipped right to our door, the carpet was trimmed to fit our SuperCrew application, but it did not have the cutouts for the seat mounting brackets or center console brackets. We couldn't justify pulling the seats and carpet out without enhancing the overall driving experience. So, we contacted Hushmat for its patented sound-damping material.

Flexible, ability to be trimmed easily, and easily applied without cleaning the surface first; the Hushmat material is a custom-truck builder's best friend. It quiets cabs, keeps high-performance audio inside the cab, and eliminates squeaks and rattles from vibrations. Before the new carpet was laid down, we covered the entire floor and door panels with Hushmat. Finishing off the quiet treatment, we also covered the underside of the hood to keep the header and supercharger noise to a minimum. After all, the theme of this truck build was luxury. Noise is bad, Hushmat is good.

Check out the following pictures, as we show you how to quiet your cab and make it look new with fresh custom-fit carpet from JC Whitney.

Time Spent Working:
6 hours

Degree Of Difficulty:

Parts Used:
Hushmat PF 500 bulk kit $400.00
Hushmat PF 200 door kit (x2) $180.00
Hushmat PF 300 trunk/hood kit $140.00
JC Whitney carpet by ACC 76ZX1066 1000 Series Essex $319.99


JC Whitney
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