Bringing New Life to Your Interior
It's no secret that stock plastic is as exciting as your mom's mini-van; and Armor All can only make it so shiny. A great way to get rid of the stock look in your interior and still have the factory fitment is to smooth and paint the existing plastics. Looking back 6 or 7 years ago, paint and body shops went into fits trying to get paints and primers to stick to the ABS plastic surfaces used on most trucks.

Flash-forward to present day, the chemical industry has caught up with the plastic technology. Special adhesive promoters, two-part epoxies, and primers have made painting plastics a relative piece of cake. Gone are the days of throwing a dash cover over your plastics, or heaven-forbid: busting out the tweed. Now you can bring your custom paintjob inside of your cab. This process, while not extremely difficult, is much like many truck projects. Taking your time will yield huge dividends.

For our Project Sinatra F-150, we chose the shop that originally performed the custom paintwork, South County Customs in Lake Forest, California. Talking with shop owner Max Gilmore, we discussed which pieces would look best painted, then we threw around some ideas for those pesky A-pillars. His idea was to shave them. After explaining to us that shaving plastic wasn't a big deal anymore, we jumped at the idea and thought you, too, would enjoy seeing how the interior was made over with some color.

Don't forget, you spend most of your time inside your truck and making that aspect look good should be a top priority.


Time Spent Working:
8 hours

Degree of Difficulty:
Intermediate (A paint spray gun sure helps)

Tools Needed:
Phillips screwdriver, 7mm nut driver, T-15 Torx bit, sandpaper variety pack, sanding discs, and Bulldog adhesive promoter

Parts Used:
Simco Ltd. classic gauge cluster for '99-'03 F-150 PN 2026-703

Paint plastics smooth

Total cost:
$1,549.99 (Price includes parts and labor)

From the Driver Seat
To say we're impressed with the overall new look of the dash is a huge understatement. The awesome PPG Blue is a welcomed addition to the gray confines and took the interior to a real level of custom. It was a labor intensive process as sheet upon sheet of sandpaper was used to make the plastics baby-smooth. The guys at South County Customs knocked out the pieces with no problems, and watching Javier literally make huge holes in plastic disappear was really cool.

In addition to the paint, we also added a Simco Ltd. gauge cluster. This one-piece complete cluster is leaps and bounds better than the traditional over-lay. Bringing class and custom in one clean package, it helped to set off the dash with its white face gauges and chrome rings.

Our truck went from beat-up daily driver to ready-for-the-show-season cruiser with only two upgrades.

Simco Ltd. South County Customs
PPG Paint
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