Remember your high school auto shop class? It was all about taking apart and putting back together. Rebuilding small gas lawnmower engines, then advancing to four, and six-cylinders and finally getting to rebuild V-8s. After learning about the workings of combustible engines (suck, squeeze, bang, blow) we got to learn about suspension, brakes, cooling systems, electrical, transmissions, then body and paint.

Check out Dennis Henderson's auto shop class, at Cornwall Collegiate and Vocational School in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. Mr. Henderson has three periods of advanced auto shop open to only 11th and 12th graders. When Mr. Henderson opened his classroom doors on the first day of school in 2006 his students were introduced to their class project, 2B Different. The class would use two salty '65 Ford Econoline pickups to make one show quality custom. After examining both vehicles the red one would be the recipient of parts extracted from the black donor. During the two-year period, Mr. Henderson had approximately 100 students working on the project from beginning until its completion. Students participating in the project were broken up into groups, four students per group. The groups were assigned to specific segments of the vehicle: frame, suspension, brakes, engine/transmission, transfer case/differential, body/prep/paint, electrical, interior, and audio.

What you will see on the following pages is a documented timeline of 2B Different's progression during the two-year period.

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