We hear it all the time. What is the best way to add a cool, personal touch to my stock truck? The common response that we give is to simply check in every month and read our newest Fantastic Four installment.

With that said, we just happened to get our mitts on an '08 Ford F-150 that was just begging to be the next truck featured here on the pages of Truckin'. When all was said and done, we ended up with an awesome array of parts that would improve the looks and performance of the F-150. A set of all-black Ultra Magnus wheels, four Toyo Open Country M/T tires, and a power combination comprised of an S&B intake and a MBRP exhaust system. It all came together to complete our fantastic Ford.

Check out how you too can transform your new F-150 into a respectable, rumbling rig.

From The Driver Seat
Although the front end is three inches higher with the addition of the ReadyLift spacers and larger wheels & tires, the levelness of the truck seems to make it better balanced in the curves and on fire roads while the ride seems to be only a bit firmer, which was welcomed. The truck is snappier in terms of throttle response and the exhaust has a pleasing mellow tone at idle. At wide-open throttle, the truck is about as loud as a jet plane! The few hours of work definitely made a huge improvement on the already existing good looks and performance of the F-150.


Time Spent Working: 9 Hours
Degree of Difficulty: Intermediate

Metric and standard socket set, metric and standard combo wrench set, crescent wrench, Philips screwdriver, mallet, floor jack stands, hydraulic lift for exhaust, impact gun, prybar, and saw.

ReadyLift 3-inch leveling kit 66-2050 - MSRP $199.00
S&B performance air intake kit 75-5016 - MSRP $269.00
MBRP performance exhaust S5200304 - MSRP $610.00
Toyo Open Country M/T 33x12.50R20LT tires - MSRP $405.00 (Each)
Ultra Wheels Magnus 20x9 Type 232/233 - MSRP $245.00 (Each)
Black lug nuts - MSRP $5.00 (Each) 6-lug wheels

Total Cost: $3,798.00

JBM Sport Truck Accessories
Ultra Custom Wheels
570 N. Gilbert St.
CA  92833
ReadyLift Suspension Inc.
3201 W. MacArthur Blvd.
Santa Ana
CA  92704
Dept. TR
S&B Filters Inc.
Toyo Tires
6261 Katella Avenue, Suite 2B
CA  90630
MBRP Performance Exhaust
741 Muskoka Rd.
On  P1H 2L3
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