If the weak economy isn't hurting you, please make a check out to Dan Ward at....With all joking aside, the lack of funds is affecting everyone and yet we're still driving rides that need to be customized. We understand this dilemma and hence, a cool new addition for right around $300. You spend most of your time behind the wheel and only a small portion looking at the outside of your truck. Using that as the basis for this month's Basic Budget Bolt-on, we contacted Stylin Trucks for some high-quality billet items to make our '06 Chevy Silverado look good, without being too flashy. The results were awesome and the install was simple. Stylin Trucks has a huge inventory of parts for your truck and with great prices and good customer service, it's no wonder why our truck looks so good. To help us pull the old parts off and install the new ones, we drove up to Clovis, California, where Grimeez Custom Paint calls home. While there, Kurt Grimes helped us freshen up the interior of this Chevy. Take a look at the story and get your interior looking its best.

From The Driver Seat:Besides the drilling and wiring involved in relocating the Tow/Haul button for the shifter, this install could not have been easier. The new look is custom and classy and we feel for just over $300, the upgrade was a huge success. Remember, it's the little things that grab the most attention. If your truck needs an upgrade, check out stylin.com.

Time Spent Working: 1 1/2 Hours
Degree of Difficulty: Beginner
Tools Needed: Small flat screwdriver, small Torx bits, Philips screwdriver
Parts Used:
All Sales billet headlight knob 9451R $19.99
All Sales billet A/C knobs 9403R $34.99
Empire Motorsports billet heater box with milled lines 509P $109.99
Empire Motorsports billet grab handle 99GHP $76.99
Empire Motorsports billet shifter handle 448P $84.99
Total Cost: $326.95
(all prices from stylin.com and do not include shipping or tax)
Grimeez Custom Paint
1063 Brookhaven #104
CA  93612
Stylin' Trucks
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