During these economic challenging times when cash may be a little tight, rather than take on a new truck payment, many truck owners are extending their ownership of their trucks. After accumulating thousands of miles behind the wheel of a truck, there are things in the interior that just wear out. The seats breakdown, the upholstery becomes frayed, and often times the carpet shows stains and begins to take on an odor. Rather than deal with the old interior of our '98 GMC, we knew it was time to replace the worn out carpet and seats. After gutting the truck's cab, it was time to install a sound deadening material between the bare metal floor and the new carpet. R-Blox is one of the leading sound deadening materials on the planet. A layer of R-Blox will help eliminate road and engine noise and it also creates a heat barrier from the asphalt, engine, and exhaust system.

A fresh, new, custom polyester molded carpet kit from Trim Parts in Lebannon, Ohio, will contribute style, comfort, and that new-truck feel to the refurbished interior. A new headliner and sunvisors from Classic Industries in Huntington Beach, California, will add to the interior's fresh appearance.

The worn-out factory 60/40 seats were replaced with western-style sport truck seats from Cerullo Performance Seating in Pomona, California. These combination seats feature a triple seat design. Separate bucket seats that recline and adjust forward and back that are on separate seat tracks allowing them independent movement. The bucket seats spring-formed lumbar supports are designed to automatically fit and support the contour of your lower back. A center console features a recline/fold, center backrest. The center console comes with an ABS tray with drink holders and upholstered armrests. The center console flips up and locks in place to form a middle jump seat. Underneath the center jump seat bottom is a storage compartment for cold drinks. To gain access, just flip the middle seat bottom forward from the back.

Radi's Custom Upholstery in Garden Grove, California, performed the interior makeover replacing the worn-out carpet, headliner and seats of a '98 GMC Sierra standard cab pickup. We were there to document the removal and installation of this easy and, in our case, necessary interior makeover.

From The Drivers Seat
After the R-Blox was laid between the metal cab floor and new Trim Parts carpet, and the tan Western style Cerullo Sport Truck bucket seats with middle jump seat were all installed, it was time to test the '98 GMC Sierra's new comfort zone. The new Cerullo seats were very comfortable with firm lumbar support and lateral bolsters helping to keep you in the seat during heavy cornering. The addition of the Classic Industries insulated headliner and sunvisors cuts down on the intense sunrays glare and scorching cab roof temperatures. There was a very noticeable elimination of road and engine noise due to the installation of the R-Blox.

Your Questions Answered

Time Spent Working: 4 Hours
Degree Of Difficulty: Beginner

Tools Needed:
Electric drill, Phillips bit, R-Blox hand roller, carpet tucking tool, Torx head socket and driver.

Parts Used:
Cerullo western-style seats with jump seat $1,350.00
R-Blox sound deadening material $179.00
Trim Parts molded carpet kit $165.00
Classic Industries headliner $175.00
Classic Industries sunvisors $175.00

TOTAL: $2,044.00

Cerullo Performance Seating Trim Parts
Radi's Custom Upholstery R-Blox Classic Industries
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