From The Driver Seat
The first concern with any suspension alteration typically revolves around ride quality. In our case, the Silverado handled the roads and highways like a champ. The new suspension ate up bumps and uneven roads with ease and at times we truly forgot that we were cruising around in a lowered vehicle. Thanks to the quality drop components from Belltech and to the MKW wheel and Hankook tire combo for creating excellent road contact, the Chevy can take on any road condition without hesitation. The improved aerodynamics from the Silverado's lower ride height along with the Bassani free-flowing exhaust and air sucking power of the Airaid intake combined for excellent power that can be both heard and felt. Most importantly, the Silverado now delivers a thrilling ride, whether it's hitting corners at 35 mph or rocketing down the highway doing 80. It's surprising how anybody could stand waiting nearly 5 years for this much excitement!

Your Questions Answered

Time spent working: 5 1/2 hours
Mechanical difficulty: Intermediate (the gas tank had to be lowered to work on the rear driver side, which isn't too bad a problem if you have a transmission jack handy)

Tools Used:
Metric and standard socket set, metric and standard combo wrench, Phillips screwdriver, torque wrench capable of 10-90 lb-ft, impact gun, prybar, air chisel, Sawzall, mallet, transmission jack.

Parts Used:
Belltech 2-inch drop spindles 2508 $278.95
Belltech rear flip kit 6519 $284.95
Belltech rear shackle kit 6400 $53.95
Belltech Street Performance shocks 101021 & 2212EE $59.95 each
Airaid air intake kit 200-185 $289.65
Bassani exhaust system 5717004 $724.95
Avenue Wheels by MKW A522 22x9.5 $309.00 each
Hankook Ventus ST 265/35R22 tires $212.00 each
(Prices taken from,, and

Total: $3,956.25 (not including shipping, tax or installation)

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