A strong foundation is the key to most elemental things in life. When it comes to a truck, the frame is that foundation. The frame supports the cab, front and rear fenders, hood, bed, bumpers, engine, and transmission. A frame can be a truck's solid underpinning or it can be the weak-link of a project. Late model and classic truck's both have the same need-a solid, well-constructed foundation. When purchasing an early model truck, what you see on the outside is probably a good guess that the original frame underneath is in the same condition, worn and rusty. Remember, everything is supported or hung on the frame.

When pursuing an early model truck project, it would be best to purchase a new frame. There are aftermarket frame manufacturers that focus on fabricating high-quality truck frames for both stock and custom applications. Here, we'll show you one customizers answer to the need for a solid foundation. Rodger Lee, owner of Ironworks Speed and Kustom, in Bakersfield, California, manufactures full custom frames available in different stages.

The Ironworks frames can be purchased as a welded kit or a full roller. The frame's unique SolidWorks computer design features water jet cut framerails and front crossmembers. These pieces are aligned by indexing notches along the framerail sides and the top and bottom plates. The front crossmember is located by tabs of the crossmember being slid into the slots located in the side panels of the framerails. The rear crossmembers are constructed from two 1 1/4-inch diameter .120-inch walls. By indexing the notched pieces to one another, it guarantees precise alignment of the framerails and crossmembers. The frame that is designed by SolidWorks allows for versatility of ride height and suspension geometry. The first equation Rodger figures when setting up a frame is the truck's body height, framerail height, wheel and tire size, front and rear track location, and spindle height. The frames are made to order depending on what the specifications entail.

We decided to take a road trip to Bakersfield and check out Ironworks' new frame concepts. Building a frame is more than just boxing rails and welding in a front clip, it requires precise measurements, welding, and fabricating skills. Take a look at how this mad scientist of metal created a solid foundation for an old Chevy Panel. Thankfully, these same techniques can be used on any truck build.

ISK complete truck frame as shown in article $1,500.00

Ironworks Speed & Kustom
2762 Unicorn
CA  93308
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