We have noticed that many custom truck/SUV enthusiasts are holding on to their older vehicles. During these challenging economical times we are not digging as deep into our pockets like we used to. Instead of throwing $50K out for a new truck or SUV our readers are tending to refurbish their older rides.

This Fantastic Four will is a continuation of the previous X-treme Makeover '98 Tahoe tech article that was featured in Truckin' Volume 35 No. 5 '09. Found on pages 92-96, Rick Sepulveda and his crew at Anaheim Prestige Custom Paint in Anaheim, California, performed minor bodywork and prep before the Tahoe was given new colors using a new line of Summit Racing single stage acrylic enamels. After the paint and bodywork, the high stance and old wheels and tires really stood out and made the Tahoe look dated.

To remedy the common ailment, we'll show you the continued transformation of this '98 Tahoe with 165,000 + miles on the odometer. The Tahoe was given a shot in the arm by improving the Vortec 5.7L engine's performance and fuel mileage by installing both a CGS air intake and after-cat exhaust system. These two systems contributed engine performance gains of 30lb-ft of torque and nearly 30 hp with a 2 miles per gallon improvement in mileage. Once the engine was breathing easier, a DJM 4/4 static suspension drop kit was bolted on. The Tahoe's leading edge was lowered using a pair of DJM 2-inch drop spindles and a shorter progressive lowering coil spring. The rear was lowered by installing DJM front leaf spring hangers and rear leaf spring shackles, and relocating the rearend housing atop the rear leaf springs, instead of underneath the leaf spring packs. DJM Calmax Super Shoxs were installed to absorb and dampen the ride.

The Tahoe's overall appearance was improved by bolting on a set of stylish Intro wheels "Sport 5" 20x81/2-inch polished billet aluminum wheels, wrapped with Goodyear Fortera LS 275/45R20 tires for increased grip, improved cornering, and braking. Combining good looks and better performance, the Intro wheels and Goodyear tires were sure to increase the Tahoe's potential. Simon Purves and his backroom installation technicians Ox Higgins and Mike Bogart at Traders Sport Trucks in Santa Fe Springs, California, transformed the previous off-road high-roller into a more aggressive lowered boulevard cruiser. Take a look at how we took an 11-year-old Tahoe and quickly turned it into a sweet daily driver using parts from CGS, DJM suspension, Intro custom wheels, and Goodyear Fortera tires.

From The Driver Seat
Making major appearance, engine, suspension, and wheel/tire changes to your high-mileage truck or SUV will instantly improve your overall driving experience. The CGS intake and exhaust install improved the engine's throttle response and power. The CGS tuned exhaust decreased back pressure and created a deeper-sounding rumble. Lowering the Tahoe with a DJM Suspension 4/4 drop improved its cornering and braking due to a lower center of gravity and the tighter suspension helped eliminate body roll and less nose diving during braking. Larger 20x81/2-inch Intro custom Sport 5 wheels wrapped in Goodyear Fortera 275/45R20 rubber not only improve the looks, but also contributed to better cornering and braking due to a larger tire tread contact patch with the road surface.

Your Questions Answered

Time spent working: 8 hours
Degree of difficulty: Intermediate

Tools Needed:
Hoist, or screw jackstands, floor jack, tire changer, wheel/tire balancing machine, front end alignment machine, air tools, assorted sizes of sockets and wrenches, drill, assorted bit sizes, hammer, ball joint pickle fork, assorted screwdrivers.

Parts Used:
CGS Motorsports air intake PN20151 $190.00
CGS Motorsports exhaust PN00000 $419.00
DJM Suspension CS2351-2 front coil springs $137.36
DJM Suspension DS2056-2 2-inch drop spindles $249.11
DJM Suspension FK1029-4D flip kit $385.82
DJM Suspension SP87400 caster camber align kit $71.30
DJM Suspension 1315 gas shock absorber $110.14
DJM Suspension 1500 gas shock absorber $55.07
DJM Suspension 1800 gas shock absorber $55.07
Intro custom wheels Sport 20x8.5 (4) $2,050.00
Goodyear Tire Fortera SL P275/45R20 set of (4) $476.00

Total: $4,298.87 (Prices from djmsuspension.com, cgsmotorsports.com, introwheels.com, and tirerack.com and do not include labor or other materials cost)

CGS Motorsports
Intro Custom Wheels
1225 Knollwood Cir.
CA  92801
Goodyear Tire Company
DJM Suspension
Traders Sport Trucks
Dept. TR
10242 Norwalk Blvd.
Santa Fe Springs
CA  90670
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