Driving to and from work can be frustrating, if nothing else tedious. Towing can also create reservations when worried about having enough power to pass that big rig doing 40mph up the grade or even worse, having a stoplight battle with the truck next to you only to be left in the proverbial dust. One thing that helps each of these situations is more power, more torque, and the unmistakable rumble of a performance exhaust. Upgrading the factory exhaust is usually one of the first boxes to check off for a custom truck owner. Gibson Exhaust has endless applications for both compact, mid-size, and fullsize trucks alike. When it came time to scrap the factory exhaust on our issue 6 cover truck '08 Chevy Silverado, the team at HOT Motorsports contacted Auto Anything for a complete Gibson system.

Our `08 Silverado was equipped with a ProCharger supercharger, so moving the maximum amount of air from the 5.3L V-8 was a must. Starting with the improved, yet still restrictive exhaust manifolds, new stainless headers from Gibson were ordered. Added performance, 50-state emissions legal, and improved engine bay looks are all benefits of the Gibson stainless headers. Headers alone, however, don't make a performance exhaust, so an order was also placed for a dual exhaust system. For the purposes of this story, we'll show you a Gibson split rear exhaust in stainless and a Gibson dual extreme system in stainless. Options are never a bad thing. In less than 3 hours, our project Silverado had more power, more torque, and a great-looking exhaust system complete with the addictive V-8 rumble. Check out how HOT Motorsports installed the parts and for a complete application list of Gibson exhaust systems, go to autoanything.com.