In last month's issue of Truckin', we introduced you to Joey Palumbo and his dad Jim in the story Building One For Dad Part 1. The two have shared an inseparable father/son relationship over the years and Joey, now 39 years old, thought it was time to show his appreciation and love for everything his dad has done for him. Jim and Joey started a father and son project together when Joey was a teenager in high school. Their dream was to build a '56 Chevy pickup together, but unfortunately the project lost traction and was never finished. The truck was stored in Las Vegas, where it sat neglected for years. Joey reclaimed it and towed it back to the ranch where it was entombed under a tarp for five years. Finally, it was pulled out from mothballs and Joey was determined to finish it and present it to his dad on his 64th birthday.

The truck was trailered to Muscle Road in Madera, California, where Dennis Patterson and crew tore the truck completely apart and started from scratch. The frame was stripped, boxed, media blasted, and painted. They were determined to finish what Joey and his dad weren't able to complete.

Last month's issue we covered the foundation portion of the build as Jacquez Arturo, Joey, and Dennis performed the final assembly of the Heidts front crossmember, front and rear suspension, Currie rearend, and Wilwood disc brakes to the original boxed frame.

This issue, we followed along as the '56 Chevy big window was completed just in time to be unveiled as the best birthday present this son could give his dad.