In a world filled with ho-hum grilles and gauges that all look similar, it was refreshing to see No Fear bring its young and edgy styling to truck accessories. Stemming from the current trends found in its California-based clothing lines, No Fear has just released a line of high-quality stainless steel mesh grilles featuring large emblems of your choice. Made in the USA with a three-year limited warranty, these grilles are in-your-face thanks to No Fear's side-by-side .50 caliber pistol emblem, winged skull design, or its stylized "SoCal" emblem. You also get to choose between chrome-plated stainless steel or black-powdercoated stainless steel-whichever you prefer.

Another cool new product available from No Fear is its line of stainless steel gauges. Teaming up with Nu Image, a leader in gauge faces and bezels, No Fear was able to add its own style to an already-proven product line. Using stainless steel, the gauges can actually be painted, pinstriped, or airbrushed-a cool feature not found on too many gauges. Colored needles and billet bezel rings can also be ordered separately to completely change the way your instrument cluster looks.

Spending some time on, we found the new No Fear parts and quickly ordered up a new grille and set of gauges, complete with new needles and billet bezel. In order to handle the install while we took the photos, a short drive to Industrial Motoring, in Anaheim, was made and our '08 Chevy Silverado went from mainstream and oblivious to striking fear into traffic. For more info, check out