We knew it wouldn't be long before the aftermarket embraced the new '09 F-150. With a solid chassis and a world-class interior, it's bound to be a top pick for truck enthusiasts as it has been for years. For this month's Fantastic Four, Industrial Motoring in Anaheim, California, helped us out and let us shoot while they built a blacked-out F-150 to show off RBP's latest offerings. RBP's new 6-inch lift kit will fit 4x4 or 2WD trucks, like this one, and transform a plain-Jane truck into an off-road machine that will draw envious stares on the street or in the dunes. As with all of our Fan 4 stories, this one included RBP's new intake, exhaust kit, and mesh grille. With Toyo M/T tires mounted on RBP wheels, the F-150 went from a run-of-the-mill cruiser, to dominating the freeways and rugged off-road terrain the way only a new custom truck can.

Follow along as Dave Derichsweiler of Industrial Motoring, spends a day underneath the Ford.