Designing and building a truck is a challenging task that makes us lose sleep over paint options, wheel diameters, and suspension setups. Often times, one of the most important areas of a custom truck is overlooked and left for a little mod here and there. A truck's interior is more than just a couple seats-it's the command center for whatever journey you start each and everyday. Whether it be a cruise night, a long trip to a truck show, or even the 9 to 5 jaunt, you spend most of your time inside the cab of your rig and shortchanging its confines is a crime. We want to inspire you with fresh new ideas we've seen from some of the nation's top custom trucks. Do what they did and be creative. Use your own ideas, steal someone else's tricks, and build an interior fit for the rest of your truck. Check out these interiors and get started with the leather, suede, fiberglass, billet, and audio.

Complete Interior Designs
Justin Veit's GMC has won plenty of Best of Show awards and his wild interior is a big reason why. A completely hand-built dash, center console, and sub box leave everyone scratching their heads.

Completely custom isn't always required as Chassis By Aaron opted to dye the interior to better match the soft leather seats. The look isn't over-the-top, but it is eye-catching.

Not a big fan of loud colors and graphics, Casey Ridinger chose to paint everything one solid, exterior-matching color. The factory leather seats and leather wrapped factory wheel provide a natural contrast.

Sin City Kustoms went full hot-rod inside the roll cage of its classic Ford. Lipsitck red leather screams "look at me" from the vibrant blue paint scheme. The look is perfect for the blown big-block V-8 truck.

One of the most wild interiors we've ever seen, this Mini Cooper truck was completely hand-built from fiberglass and features enough gauges for the space shuttle. The trick center-mounted seat and racecar steering wheel fit the extreme theme.

Proving old steel trucks can be elegant, Mark Bosak's '67 GMC features Orion Silver-stained white oak veneer strips with polished stringers for the floor, a one-off billet wheel, and soft Italian leather throughout.