Door Panels
Going completely wild, Daniel Stewart's cover F-150 had 100-percent fiberglass door panels. Complete with plenty of audio, a huge monitor, and suede-wrapped inserts, the door panels were also airbrushed to show the water flowing from one end of the truck to the other.

If you do opt to paint your door panels, take the time to ensure the paint color is spot on. If graphics go from door to dash, make sure the transition is smooth. The airbrushed water on this truck is awesome.

Not an easy accomplishment, Lucky Luciano airbrushed these door panels to look like real wood. The theme worked well thanks to the airbrushed wood on the body of the old-school C10.

Headliners And Lighting
Those same exotic leathers used on seats can also be applied to headliners as well. The center console highlighted in caption 21 looks up at this perfectly-matching alligator hide-covered headliner. Billet grab handles and a huge monitor help break up the huge canvas.

Lighting can really bring an interior to life and no one knows that better than Don and Erin Brooks. Their Excursion features backlit Soundstream subs with 300 bright LEDs each. Creating a sense of afterburners lighting up, every time they open the barn doors, the Ford draws a crowd.