What gets used and abused inside your truck more than anything else? Simple-your seats. You're always going in and out of your truck, wearing wet clothes when it's raining, and constantly moving around while driving. All that wreaks havoc on your seats. Long gone are the days of throwing a blanket or towel over your damaged or discolored seats and we can all agree that stock seats don't make an interior look good. We've found a great solution that keeps your interior looking stylish and keeps money in your wallet. Using a CAD computer system to create vehicle-specific seat covers, CALTrend knows a thing or two about custom-fitted covers. CALTrend is a Southern California-based company that produces high-quality "I Can't Believe It's Not Leather" seat covers with the look and touch of leather, but it's not. Using a synthetic-leather fabric, the seat covers are available in eight popular colors, cost less than real leather, last longer, and are easier to maintain. Sounds good to us.

We tracked down the seat covers while searching on AutoAnything.com, and as regular customers, we knew if Auto Anything recommended them, well, they had to be legit. Check out the install as we took a trip down to CALTrend and tried out a set of front and rear seat covers on our project '04 Nissan Frontier that you may recognize from an earlier Fan 4 story and Maaco paint how-to. It looked great on the outside but was a custom disappointment with old and faded Hawaiian-style seat covers. Could these new synthetic-leather covers really upgrade our truck's interior? We've tried all types of seat covers and couldn't wait to give a company with over 25 years of making covers a chance to prove us wrong about fit and finish.