A sick custom truck must roll with the right stance, wheel, tires and paint, but that's only a fraction of the complete custom equation. How about the interior? The truck's interior contributes to its overall style, comfort, and personality. The dash is the interior's focal point, which houses gauges, speakers, A/C vents, and audio components. A full waterfall center console serves two purposes: bridging the dash to the back of the cab, and separating the bucket seats. The dash and center console can be constructed from wood, fiberglass, aluminum, or steel. A good sheetmetal sculptor can create incredible contour, convex, curves and radiuses that contribute to a shocking interior.

We stopped off at Draggers Inc. and GoEZ in Anaheim, California, to observe Terry Elms as he designed and constructed a steel dash and center console masterpiece for Eddy Cebreco's wild right-hand drive '93 Toyota pickup.

When welding, always use proper face, eye protection, and a welding hood.