From The Driver Seat
We knew that we would see a tremendous power increase in our Super Duty after the Banks Techni-Cooler, Ram-Air intake, Monster Exhaust system, and Six-Gun tuner were installed and dialed in. With the Six-Gun ready to go, it was nice knowing that the truck could be custom-tuned based on the type of driving we planned on doing-towing, running errands around town, or simply shredding the pavement. Since there are now tons of extra horsepower and torque available on command, it's a sure bet we will be utilizing the extra muscle for both occupational and recreational purposes (read: hauling more toys and excessively exceeding speed limits.) The Ram-Air intake and Monster exhaust made a huge difference in air management, not to mention creating a truly intimidating growl. The only thing that would make our Banks performance package even sweeter would be the optional Six-Gun PowerPDA, which would allow us to monitor and record up to 17 engine parameters and even add one additional on-the-fly power level.

Your Questions Answered

Time Spent Working: 5 Hours
Degree Of Difficulty: Intermediate

Tools Needed:
Assorted wrenches and sockets, pliers, Phillips and flathead screwdriver, prybar, transmission jack, and cordless drill.

Part Used:
Banks Six-Gun tuner with six-level in-cab switch #61023 $557.95
Banks Monster single-exit exhaust system #48785 $639.00
Banks Ram-Air intake #42155 $398.95
Banks Techni-Cooler system #25975 $1,229.95

TOTAL: $2,825.85
(Prices taken from and do not include tax, shipping, or installation costs)

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