Every truck owner knows that protecting your inner bed surface is a top priority. Once the floor or bedsides are scratched, the unprotected bare steel is subject to rust. For a quick fix, some folks drop in a urethane throw-in bedliner that traps moisture between the liner and bed floor. To prevent your bed from rusting, you must invest in a protective coating. There are two types: roll-on and spray-on moisture barrier protective coatings.

Vortex is a spray-on protection barrier that is five times stronger than others on the market and is available in 200 factory or custom-mixed colors. The Vortex solvent-free materials are a 100 percent solid blend of Polyurethane and Polyurea that are bonded by a chemical reaction to the bed's steel surface. The protection barrier can range from 1/8-inch to 18 inches thick! The Vortex coating bond will not delaminate, chip or peel, discolor, fade, or chalk.

Vortex provides the only mobile spray-on bedliner unit on the market today. The Vortex machine's portability allows it to be rolled wherever you need it for whatever application you're working on.

Just as body preparation is very important to obtain a high-quality paintjob, the same holds true to preparing the bed surface prior to applying the Vortex protective coating. Starting things off, the bed and tailgate surfaces are prepped by scuffing the surface using medium grit sandpaper. Then, denatured alcohol is applied to a clean cotton rag that is used to wipe down the surfaces. Once the Vortex protective coating is applied and given time to cure, it becomes indestructible.