Banks Techni-Cooler System
Diesel owners, listen up! Banks' Techni-Cooler system is a gem if you are interested in injecting cooler, denser air into your truck's engine, which, in turn, will deliver up to an extra 60 hp and 140 lb-ft of torque. Improved fuel economy and ease of installation are two additional perks to ditching the restrictive OEM intercooler for the high performance Banks Techni-Cooler. The 3.5-inch mandrel-bent boost tubes and all-aluminum end tanks are great improvements in efficiency over stock equipment and promote a 10 percent increase of oxygen density. The Techni-Cooler also comes with a two-year warranty, so pumping up your truck's power can be done worry-free.

Gale Banks Engineering
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General Tire
If your truck sees more dirt than it does pavement, General has a new line of Grabber tires in its new Competition line that may be the key to more off-road fun. Designed for extreme performance, the Grabber Competition tire was developed by General's race teams with cutting-edge technology to withstand use and abuse in off-road terrain. If a weekend in the dirt or mud is on your calendar, you may want to think about a tire upgrade.

General Tire

EBC Brakes USA
Nearly every time we bolt on a set of bigger wheels and tires we preach about the importance of upgraded brakes to stop the additional mass. When you don't have ginormous 40-inch tires to reign in, an upgraded pad and rotor can be just the ticket for improved braking without the wallet-draining expense of an entirely new brake system. We recently tried out EBC pads and rotors on a lifted F-150 and dramatically improved the performance and our confidence in the truck.

EBC Brakes
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When it came time to lower our in-house Colorado project, we called up Belltech right away. Their new rear springs worked just as promised, but the best part of the kit was the adjustable coilovers that allowed us to custom tailor the ride height. The whole kit bolted on in an afternoon and transformed the mini into a fun, road-hugging machine that eats cloverleaf interchanges for breakfast.

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