Get Your Grille On
Quick & Easy Front End Styling From Option Racing

Option Racing sells quite a few grille shell models for many types of vehicles, but we took notice of two that would look awesome on two of our past Fantastic Four stars. Both of our Chevy Silverados sit on the opposite end of the color spectrum, so we selected a two-tone, flat black and chrome grille shell for our white truck since it's rolling on two-tone wheels, and an all-chrome diamond-style grille for our metallic blue Crew Cab. Both Option Racing grilles were direct replacements of the OE shells and required less than 20 minutes and the most basic of hand tools to complete the installation. Best of all, we haven't seen too many other trucks sporting these grille shell styles yet, so they both served as quick and refreshing front end upgrades.

Your Questions Answered

Time Spent Working: 20 Minutes
Degree Of Difficulty: Beginner

Tools Needed:
Flathead screwdriver and pliers

Parts Used: Black and chrome grille shell (#1GT049-32300) $188.95