Street Scene Speed Grille and Cal Vu Mirrors
A Whole New Look In An Afternoon, Sorta

Adding a new grille has got to be one the top five ways to drastically change the look of your truck for the littlest money, and new mirrors aren't far behind. After we lowered our project Colorado and added some black chrome wheels, the next logical step was to add matching black chrome grille inserts from Street Scene. Our big, grainy plastic mirrors would stick out even more with a clean grille, so we doubled-down and got a set of manual mirrors too. Why manual? They are cheaper because they're simple, and since we rarely switch drivers, moving them isn't a hassle. Set it once and you're good.

Your Questions Answered

Time Spent Working
Speed Grille Inserts: 1.5 hours
(The clips can be tricky; you don't want to scratch your grille shell.
Mirrors: 10 minutes
(If you plan to paint, prepping is a snap, but it will add time and cost to the install. It is worth it)

Degree Of Difficulty
Minus the painting, these installs are a cinch.

Tools Needed:
Saw, sanding disc or file, socket and ratchet.

Parts Used:
Street Scene Black Chrome main grille insert #950-76240 $170.95
Street Scene Black Chrome bumper insert #950-76241 $118.95
Street Scene Cal Vu manual mirrors #950-11211 $114.95
TOTAL COST: $404.85