Mike Dillon likes to go fast and as a former NASCAR Busch Series driver, Mike understands the importance of quality parts, quality craftsmanship, and working with quality people. As the current General Manager of Richard Childress Racing, Mike is surrounded by talented people who share his enthusiasm for achieving excellence and who understand his need for speed. When the North Carolina native decided it was time to begin a "small truck project", he contacted someone whose attention to detail and mechanical know-how once secured him a spot on several top race teams—Jim Smith, of Street Customs and Restorations, in Mooresville, North Carolina. Delivering Jim a well-used and heavily-rusted '65 Chevy C10, the duo went over a game plan for the project build. Mike wanted a truck with some power, a stance suitable for a 20/22-inch wheel combo, and as a tribute to Dale Earnhardt, the truck needed to be black with some red accents.

Once GM caught wind of a custom Chevy being built for someone who is a part of a Chevrolet-sponsored race team, a torque monster Ram Jet 502 big-block was delivered for the Bow Tie. With that much power on hand and the old frame in dire condition, an order was placed to Jim Myer Racing for a full rolling chassis. Tearing into the C10, the SCR crew quickly realized that if the truck was to be black, it would need a great deal of bodywork. We hear it so often, but what started out as a project truck for Mike and his sons to cruise around in, quickly turned into a frame off, every-bolt-new build, and in doing so, became one of America's finest '60s era C10s. Follow along as we show you the tear down and first part of this world-class buildup. Be sure to check back next issue when the truck begins to really take form.