We've preached to you about the need to upgrade brakes when lifting a truck on huge tires, and here's an example where we do as we say. This '02 Ford F-250 Super Duty was in issue #11 of 2008 where we gave it a Rubicon Express lift and 37-inch rubber. The stock brakes were able to stop the 37s pretty well, but that's because the truck already had some decent brakes from the factory. The factory brakes are meant to stop the truck when fully loaded, and the larger wheels and tires probably took up a good portion of the safety margin built into the factory system. We didn't get a chance to really test the factory brakes while towing or while fully loaded, but we do know that they didn't have enough force to lock the tires up and cause the ABS to kick in. When we heard about ABS Power Brake Inc.'s new Hydro Max brake system, we were interested to see if this was the answer we were looking for. Once we pulled into ABS's shop in Orange, California, Junior took the wheel and had our Super Duty stopping like it never had before.